What I am currently writing

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    The Prince of Orphans

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    Savage Dawn

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    The Delving Vol 2


Exodus - NecroVerse Book 2

Surviving was the first step. Now, Jacoby and the other survivors desperately search for a means of escape. Currently writing. I’m a little behind my self-inflicted schedule, but am steadily progressing towards the finish line. I’ve handed over the first 63k words of manuscript over to a few Alpha readers, to make sure I’m not way off, while writing the ending. I’m still aiming for a finished word count of about 80k words. Expect a December release, unless a miracle happens, and then I’ll try to get it to you sooner.

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The Prince of Orphans - Overthrown Vol 4

Roman, Dennah, Julian, Tanea, Luca and the gang return in the fourth volume of my Overthrown series. Layout and storylining is complete and Ive already started writing. I am currently about 8k words into this epic. Plan on it coming in around 150-175k words, so roughly the length of A March of Woe. I can’t wait to get this one into your hands.


Savage Dawn - A werewolf story.

I am currently around 42k words into this fun and unconventional werewolf story. I estimate the total project to be around 75-80k words, so I am already at least halfway done. I plan on finishing Savage Dawn once Unleashed is finished and sent off for beta reading and editing.

What is on-deck!

The+Delving+Front+Cover (1).jpg

The Delving - Volume 2

I got so much positive feedback from the advanced readers wanting to know what happened next, I decided to tell the next phase in Thorben, Jez, and Myrrdin’s story. This project is still in the storylining phase, so it will be a while.

Further on down the pipe!

The Mirror—

Part family drama, part fantastical adventure, The Mirror is everything you’d expect ou of a portal story, and so much more! (Currently in the works)

It Came from the Devil’s Mouth—

Part western, part horror, Devil’s Mouth is going to be a clash of burned out civil war anti-heroes and monsters. Oh yeah, this one is going to defy expectations.

Unleashed Final Cover.JPG

Unleashed - A Dark Harem-style Sci-Fi adventure.

Unleashed is done and handed off to my Beta/Advanced readers. Expect an update on release date soon! Final word count 99k Words.