A little about me

My name is Aaron Bunce, and I am a writer. I started writing in elementary school. My teachers sent me to a voluntary writer’s workshop held at Cornell, a local college located in Mount Vernon, Iowa. This was the beginning of my passion for literature. I continued to write my own short stories, but spent much of my youth reading. My father had a sizable collection of science fiction, so from a young age I was weaned on the works of Robert H. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, C.S. Lewis and J R.R Tolkien. I consider this to be the bedrock of my literary identity and the reason why I decided to write fantasy, science fiction, and horror as an adult.

When I graduated from High School I decided to attend Kirkwood Community College to study Criminal Justice. I firmly believed that I was destined to become a police officer. Yet, when I graduated in 2004, I wavered. A short time later I started writing what was to be my first novel. Although I never finished the project it nonetheless reaffirmed my passion for writing. In 2012 I read Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. I was inspired that a fifteen year old boy was not only able to finish such a quality project, but eventually got it published. After putting down Paolini’s book I started working on a new project of my own. Six months later I had completed the rough draft of my first novel, and another year of drafts and editing, and I had a book I was proud to call my own. While my first novel, Within, was completed and independently published, I felt that I needed to gain not only credibility as a writer, but polish to my writing ability. So in March of 2014 I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University, and started studying English with a focus in fiction writing. I am due to graduate with a B.A in the fall.

My goal as a writer is to offer genre fiction that breaks away from some of the stereotypes that plague mainstream offerings. I want to introduce fresh, relatable characters with worlds that feel new and unexplored. I crave an out-of-the-box experience, and likewise want to provide that to readers as well. My goal is to establish successful science fiction and fantasy series that can help draw new fans to the genres, and perhaps even offer titles that help to redefine or stretch tradition genre boundaries.