Overthrown Volume 1

Little has changed in the five provinces over the years. From the metropolitan capital of Ban Turin to rural Bardstown, or the mountain city of Craymore to the bustling seaport Laniel, the Council of Lords rule with an iron fist. And yet, not all is as it seems in this medieval world. There are whispers of strange creatures haunting the woods and mountain passages, and magic has appeared in the unlikeliest of places. The uneasy peace of centuries past is unraveling.

     A new generation of heroes will rise…

Roman is a young man searching for meaning in a life filled with questions. His solitary existence is turned upside down when he befriends Dennah, a caravan guard and kindred spirit. They work together to solve the puzzling events plaguing his town, unearthing startling secrets buried in his past along the way.

Julian is a young nobleman looking for more than his highborn station provides. He pledges himself to the illustrious Silver Guard and trades in a life of status and comfort for a dangerous posting in the mountain city of Craymore. A fateful meeting with Tanea, a gifted young healer, sets him onto a treacherous path, one of both divinity and damnation.

Autumn gilds the seemingly tranquil landscape, but inside the shadows lurks a treacherous and evil presence. Separated by leagues of wilderness across a vast continent, Roman and Julian must fight for their survival against an ancient force set in motion by an unsuspecting young woman, and a mysterious beast intent on setting its world back in order.

The greatest strength, and danger, will be found…within

Balancing character development and world-building is the biggest challenge in writing epic fantasy. Spend too much time describing the universe and the characters seem wooden. But even the most vibrant characters can be boring if placed in a land we’ve seen time and time again. But Aaron Bunce dances on this knife’s edge as good as anyone I’ve seen in “Within.”
— Dennis Green, author of Traveler, and Prisoner.

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