What I am currently writing

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    The Prince of Orphans

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    Savage Dawn

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    The Delving Vol 2

Unleashed Final Cover.JPG

Unleashed - A Dark Harem-style Sci-Fi adventure.

I am currently over 62k words into this science fiction/horror adventure. It takes place on a mining station floating in deep space, where they extract precious minerals from asteroids. This project is a different direction for me, as it taps into some of my science fiction inspirations. Unleashed will be part gothic horror, science fiction adventure, with plenty of georgeous ladies to help it along. I am currently shopping for a cover artist, so plan on this 65-70k word novel to be done and available for pre-order very soon.

What is on-deck!


Savage Dawn - A werewolf story.

I am currently around 42k words into this fun and unconventional werewolf story. I estimate the total project to be around 75-80k words, so I am already at least halfway done. I plan on finishing Savage Dawn once Unleashed is finished and sent off for beta reading and editing.

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The Prince of Orphans - Overthrown Vol 4

Roman, Dennah, Julian, Tanea, Luca and the gang return in the fourth volume of my Overthrown series. Layout and storylining is complete and Ive already started writing. I am currently about 8k words into this epic. Plan on it coming in around 150-175k words, so roughly the length of A March of Woe. I can’t wait to get this one into your hands.

The+Delving+Front+Cover (1).jpg

The Delving - Volume 2

I got so much positive feedback from the advanced readers wanting to know what happened next, I decided to tell the next phase in Thorben, Jez, and Myrrdin’s story. This project is still in the storylining phase, so it will be a while.

Further on down the pipe!

The Mirror—

Part family drama, part fantastical adventure, The Mirror is everything you’d expect ou of a portal story, and so much more! (Currently in the works)

It Came from the Devil’s Mouth—

Part western, part horror, Devil’s Mouth is going to be a clash of burned out civil war anti-heroes and monsters. Oh yeah, this one is going to defy expectations.