SCience Fiction

Science fiction is one of my first loves. I grew up on Heinlein - Red Planet was one of the first chapter books I read cover to cover, and after that, it was all she wrote. I’ve been inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien, Herbert’s Dune, Heinlein’s Star Ship Troopers, and so many other greats. Unleashed combines everything I love about science fiction - space stations, tech, bad ass weapons, and relatable characters with a splash of harem, some riveting conflict, and terrifying monsters!

Enter the NEcroverse


Welcome to Hyde Station, a mining platform floating in the backwaters of galactic trade routes, where business is “cracking stroids”. Jacoby’s been down on his luck before. Hell, that’s pretty much his life moto. But things were good enough to land him a new contract. Unfortunately, things have dried up since, and mining for precious metals is a cut-throat industry. Desperate to make his quota, Jacoby makes a judgement call that might put more than just him at risk. Jacoby learns the hard way that some rocks are hiding more than just previous minerals. And when some things are let loose, there is no putting them back.

Mankind will never be the same.

Coming Next in the (Necroverse)

Exodus - Book 2

Exodus Final Cover.jpg

Exodus is coming along quickly. The books is over 80% done. The cover is done, and if everything goes according to plan, the book should be out by early November! The good news beyond that? Book 3 has already been started, so there is that to look forward to as well! Enjoy this cover. Personally, I enjoy the hell out of it!

Book 3 (Title Pending)

To share too much about this one would spoil all the fun from Exodus. We’re just gonna have to wait on this one!