I always enjoy reading early works of authors

I enjoyed reading this book because it was a first for Mr. Bunce. I always enjoy reading early works of authors and following them, grow with them as their talent's and experience develop and grow. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to read this book in its rawest form, and yet again in its published form. Its was exciting to watch the evolution of knowledge, the consumption of critiques, the nerves the stress its all rather enjoyable to watch from the outside.

As most of these reviews read I was also very nervous in the beginning. It wasn't until I started to identify with Roman, the self sufficient, woodsman/hunter with a loyal dog that the book drew me in. As the book progressed I enjoyed the additional characters of Dennah, the strong yet fragile woman warrior and her relationships with Tadd and Roman. I also felt the almost childish fantasy connection with Julian the valiant knight that faces unbearable odds. Its these connections that make a book for me, as does everyone else in the fantasy fiction world.

I cant wait for the next book in the series to see how the story develops and continue to watch Aaron's work progress. And as I was reminded from one comment about GRRM lets not wait too long.