Find a comfortable chair

Aaron Bunce has the cure for George R.R. Martin's procrastination.
If you're tired of waiting for the next installment of GoT, pick up within, find a comfortable chair, and let yourself be taken away to a very believable, very compelling world.
I picked up Within at the Iowa Science Fiction Convention, primarily because the cover looked cool. It promised the possibility of a dark realm, yet rich in colorful characters, suspense, and a gripping plot. All promises kept. Like all truly well-written fantasy, the world is delightful to inhabit. It doesn't matter how dark the world is. The reader just wants to ride along with the characters, feel their fear, their rage, their lust. The reader just wants to get lost in eloquent prose.
Despite some typo's and grammar burps, Bunce delivers on the eloquent prose. It is rich without being flowery, formal without being stiff. It was a pleasure to read.
I await the sequel. My bags are already packed for another trip into this realm.