An Epic Grimdark Fantasy Series


It begins…

An intelligent beast carries a kidnapped young woman to a pool in a long-forgotten city. What happens next could topple the known world into dakrness.

Volume One

The Winter of Swords (Feb 7, 2019)

Twenty winter thaws have passed since the mad king, Djaron Algast, was overthrown. In the seasons since, the Council of Lords has governed with an unrelenting and inflexible will.
Twenty winter thaws have passed since the mad king, Djaron Algast, was overthrown. In the seasons since, the Council of Lords has governed with an unrelenting and inflexible will.

Dennah is a young woman torn from home.

Conscripted into the earl’s service, she quickly learns that some folk have different views on a woman’s place in the world, but she isn’t interested in living as a man’s possession, but by the strength of her own arm. Their caravan stops in Bardstown, where she meets Roman, a likeable but troubled young man.

Roman is an orphan.

His mother died in childbirth and his father barely sixteen thaws later.  He spends his days searching for meaning in a life filled with only questions. Who is he, and who is he supposed to be? He happens upon a grisly scene, but the horror follows him back to town. Suspicions rise, leading Dennah and Roman on a frantic search for answers. But can they discover the true killer before it’s too late?

Julian is a young nobleman looking for more than his highborn station provides.

Pledged to the illustrious Silver Guard, he trades status and comfort for a dangerous posting in the mountains. He meets Tanea, a gifted and beautiful young healer. A mysterious and powerful spark binds them, but with winter bearing down, their connection, and his loyalties, will be put to the ultimate test.

Overthrown Continues in…

Volume Two

(Coming 2019)

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Before the Crow

The five provinces of Denoril are in peril. A dark force rots the realm from within, gathering strength and preparing for an assault that will topple it into chaos. 

Only a handful of people stand between Denoril's annihilation and salvation. Roman and his friend Dennah are accused of vicious crimes they did not commit. One man can prove their innocence, but their desperate quest to find Frenin leaves them crushed between men seeking justice and an unforgiving blizzard. With nowhere else to run, their only salvation may lie with the law's darkest agent, the Crow. 

Julian, the former initiate of the Silver Guard, then enslaved, was left for dead by his captors. He watched his best friend murdered to resurrect Denoril's overthrown King, Djaron Algast. Placing his life and trust in a mysterious and dark Nymradic, Julian must find a way to win his freedom and return to his beloved Tanea, before Craymore falls. But will he be forced to sacrifice too much? 

Julian must embrace the darkness to realize his new purpose, while far to the south, in the snow, Roman must grasp his power to escape the darkness within.


Volume Three

(Coming 2019)


A March of Woe

Ban Turin, the heavily fortified and cosmopolitan capital of Denoril, has gone dark, its massive gates closed for the first time in an age. Only two people know why: a denil monk and his unlikely savior, a freed prostitute named Aida. They make a desperate March south, fighting the harsh winter to deliver a message of Woe - a message that lord Thatcher, the Earl of the lakes, will likely struggle to believe. The Nymradic, an ancient and powerful race, has returned, aided by none other than Djaron Algast, Denoril’s overthrown king.

Roman and Dennah flee north in search of sanctuary, but to where? The lord constable poisoned Roman and tried to silence Dennah to bury the secret of his lineage. Meanwhile, an unknown menace prowls Bardstown. Roman must embrace his true potential, or he and Dennah will freeze to death in the wild.

Julian has finally broken free and runs towards Craymore, desperate to save Tanea. And yet, the truth of their divine connection exposes a deeper, far more complicated conflict then ever believed possible. Safe havens are disappearing, contracting, and driving our heroes towards the heartland and the lakes of Karnell, where they may find more than just sanctuary.


Volume 4 - The Prince of Orphans

Volume 5 - Blade of Ashes

Volume 6 - A Song of Bones