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An Epic Grimdark Fantasy Series


One of my first book loves was fantasy. I grew up on Tolkien’s LoTR, The Hobbit, and C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. When I got older I added science fiction to the mix. Heinlein, Clark, and Asimov were some of my early favorites, but that list has grown exponentially. Overthrown is my story, a sweeping six part Grimdark Fantasy series full of swords and sorcery, fantasy adventure, heroics, betrayal, and sacrifice. Denoril has become my second home - a beautiful and altogether dangerous land of thrilling adventure and spine-tingling mystery.


Volume 4 - The Prince of Orphans

Volume 5 - Blade of Ashes

Volume 6 - A Song of Bones

Overthrown: The Chronicles of Denoril

I started writing the Chronicles books as a way to expand the Overthrown universe, introduce you to new characters, and incorporate just a tad more world building. The Delving takes place ten winter thaws before The Winter of Swords, but you’ll quickly recognize the cast of characters - a few of them at least! The books that follow will bridge the gap running up to Overthrown’s start, and will tease some characters sure to pop up in the forthcoming series novels. If you’re a fan of ancient burials, long-lost secrets, peculiar magic, and every day heroes, this series is for you!