Book of the month

Let's be honest, not every book is for every person. But in some instances, not only does the right book find the right person, but the right situation too. That in part is why I will start recommending books (from my recently read fiction pile) as monthly readers.


I just finished Ghosts in the Snow, by Tamara Jones, a week or two ago, and I had to jump right into the second one right away. There are so many reasons why Ghosts in the Snow is a perfect fit for January. It is a dark, engrossing read. Part mystery, part thriller and crime procedural, Ghosts in the Snow is the perfect pairing to cold, dark days, ankle deep snow, and the kind of wind that whistles and howls outside your house like an angry beast. Be forewarned, it is graphic, in a no holds barred manner, after all, real life doesn't sensor itself to pg or pg-13, why should good literature. Killers are brutal, deranged psychopaths, driving the need for well developed, likable heroes. And they are heroes as you know them in the real world. They preform the duties no one else wants to, get elbow deep in the wretched, visceral, and vile, and in the end, sacrifice themselves to keep everyone else safe. I connected with this book on so many levels,  and thoroughly recommend it.