It has been a while


It's been a while since I blogged, and I feel a little guilty about it. At the same time, I haven't blogged because I have been neck deep in A March of Woe. So, at the same time, I can't feel too bad. 

Highlight - A March of Woe is done! Woot! Beta is complete, revisions have been made, and the second revision is done. The manuscript is off to the editor now for its final spit and polish and will be ready for its wide release March 1st! I'm excited, but also nervous. There is a lot of emotional energy dedicated to a project this large, and when it leaves my hands, I can't help by slump into a post project hole - so to speak. I jumped right into another project, Unleashed, which has helped, but there is still a noticeable drop. If you want a comparison, it is very similar to finishing reading the last book in a lengthy series, or binge watching the last season of your favorite show. Once you're done, you stagger and ask, "what now?" Well, on to the next one.

And the next one is "Unleashed", a science fiction - horror story I have been cultivating for quite a while. I started it as a short story in college, and pledged to one day come back and flesh out the remainder of the story. It follows Jacoby and his wife Anna, as they struggle to survive the harsh life aboard a deep space mining station. Jacoby, pushed by marital and economic pressures, breaks the rules, and inadvertently releases a long-dormant alien organism. This story is gritty, in your face, and very much inspired by one of my all-time favorite science fiction movies - Alien. A March of Woe is releasing March 1st, and I am pushing hard to get this one out in the summer just after.

Beyond that, I am splitting my time between a number of other standalone titles I have been working on from time to time, and the next monstrous volume in my Overthrown series, Succession. If all goes well, I will have Succession done and ready to release by the end of 2018, and hopefully one other title along with it, maybe two. I am also thinking about writing and releasing a series of companion pieces, short stories and novellas building on and deepening the Overthrown world and myth. At this time, I have a number of characters and stories in mind, although I haven't nailed anything down yet. I'd love to talk to people after Woe comes out, and find out what elements of the world or mythology really resonates with them, as this book more than Within or Before the Crow delves into those territories. Perhaps I will take this book signing season to really chat with people, and see what elements of the series they would like to see explored in greater detail. Is it the creatures? The lore, myth, and cultural makeup of Roman's people? Perhaps it is the dalan, the Ishmandi, or the Nymradic themselves. Keep all of that in mind, and if there is something in particular that you would like to see examined, please feel free to reach out and let me know. I am always available through Facebook, twitter, or my website, so please don't be shy.

Back to the keyboard. January is already come and gone, so I've only got 11 more months to make 2018 my most productive year yet!